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Please ensure that your email client allows communications from t-t-w@outlook.com, otherwise, updates and responses could be lost in your spam/junk mail.

We use the Royal Mail delivery service.

We post all orders as per the PayPal address provided.

All of the products from TTW are shipped as 'UK and International signed for'.

Please read our terms for countries with TTW current restrictions and rules.

We can track and insure delivery of the consignment. We don't provide the tracking reference when dispatched, however, these can be provided on request if you have a query about your shipment. However, this will only be provided if no delivery has been received after the following amount of working days. Please be patient as times will vary.

UK 1-2 days
EU 4-7 days
US/CAN 7-10 days
ROW 10-14 days

The tracked and 'signed for' insured delivery option by TTW will expire after three months from the date of purchase - the length of time we hold the postage receipt for. TTW hold no liability for any consignment thereafter.

For bulk distribution delivery of products, we use UPS or FedEX.

Delivery times for distribution orders are 1-2 days for UK, EU, US and CAN. For Asia, AUS and NZ the times vary between 4-6 days.



For bulk distribution orders the UPS or FedEX tracking references will be provided at time of dispatch.

If we have provided a tracking reference for a consignment to be delivered overseas, please go to the the Royal Mail Track and Trace page and enter your reference number. Click on the delivery partners website link - this will take you to your countries postal service.

Royal Mail only tracks the package until it is passed onto the international delivery partner.

Claims can not be made for International missing or lost packages until 20 working days after the date of dispatch. This is an international policy agreement between all Postal Services.

Claims can be made for UK missing or lost packages 10 working days after the date of dispatch. This is the Royal Mail UK policy.

Returns can be sent to our depot address.

TTW, PO Box 72045, London, NW6 9TU