It's been a great day over here at the TTW Echeloan!

We spent a day with the Programme Pioneer, Bradley Smith, at Leicester-shire Music Education Hub!

Supporting turntablism at Schools.

So, we managed to modify another 10 Numark PT01 Scratch Turntables, in between coffee and chats!

So, these are part of 96 portable turntables about to go 'live' on the UK School circuit, throughout Leicester-shire.

That is 3 'units'.

A 'unit' of education is 32 turntables. Each modified with Jesse Dean JDDX2RS faders, JDDSSB digital start stop buttons and the TTW Platter Flatter.

Along with this, TTW delivered the manufacturing of a 'specific' 7 inch record called 'Class Cuts'.

This is a bespoke production that is geared towards providing a 'text book' for students. It is geared towards providing sequenced musical scales of instruments that have been approved - to support a UK based educational syllabus, with the aim of gaining UKAS accreditation

In the next few weeks, the final course curriculum tutorials will be ready. This will include various modules including video presentations, with added visual support by the UK's very own JFB.

There will also be a 'tech' side introduced. These will also come in 'units', starting off with Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators - with added course syllabus supported by our very own Ritchie Ruftone!

Obviously, we are already looking at other 'Shires' - the plan is to embed this across the UK.

Basically, 2018 is getting a bit hectic - but we ain't even done yet!

More news to follow.....

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