Download the latest distribution purchase order form here. (Updated 10 Oct 18)

Simply complete the form and follow the instructions.


For any deals or bespoke orders, please contact us directly. Please note that digital versions of the vinyl product are not available to distributors, these are only available with purchase from Turntable Training Wax (TTW).

Pre-order deals and prices are not available for distributors.

TTW sell products from our online store and our sole UK and Worldwide distribution representative - One Nation Distribution.

TTW do not offer exclusive distribution/trade deals to overseas companies.

TTW can offer international distribution directly for a minimum order of 30 units. This quantity can be made up from any vinyl edition(s) that are available. Other distribution products are also available once this minimum order is reached.

All purchases and shipping must be paid for in advance.

Shipping is internationally 'signed for' by UPS or FedEX for bulk distribution orders. Please read our shipping information and terms and conditions.

TTW, PO Box 72045, London, NW6 9TU