With the recent demise of the annual BPM PRO event in Birmingham, due to going into liquidation, it has left the UK with no actual Pro DJ trade/event show?

However, not too long after this was disclosed, a new organisation popped up, the BPM DJ Show - with the tag line 'BPM is going back to its roots'.

This can only be a good thing for the UK. It's a blessing.

With so many trade/event shows across Europe either shutting their doors or concentrating on other audio features and communities, it seems the Pro DJ side, especially the 'scratch' community, is being left out of the limelight........

BEATGEEK is a new annual DJ, Producer and Brand Link Up show in London.

October 6th 2018 10am - 6pm

This event is not only going back to the fundamentals and root cause, it is also taking it back to the streets.

The location for this is at Aures-London, in the heart of London, underneath Waterloo Station. The location is part of the ever increasing popular spot otherwise known as the Leake Street Arches. The actual arts venue itself has the Worlds first 3-D sound system, boasting an incredible 50.1 surround sound system powered by Pioneer Audio Pro!

Leake Street Arches interlocks with the famous Graffiti Tunnel of railway arches under Waterloo Station and was the home of Banksy’s legendary Cans Festival in 2008. Since then it has become a constantly changing legal canvas for street artists and taggers - a celebrated part of London’s urban culture. Aures London was the first opening in a regeneration by Lambeth Council of eight former railway arches, providing a curated collection of restaurants and bars, and joining established tenants the Vaults and House of Vans.

Read more about London's most Instragrammable destination here!

Along with all the local community support and the love of the arts for the attraction/event, BEATGEEK is also proud to promote the involvement of music education, especially 'scratch' and 'tech' teachings for UK youth in education. Read more about the units of work here.

A major blessing to the organisations below, in understanding the importance of such an event.

So what to expect at BEATGEEK?

Well, a whole lot of goodness - far too much to explain here, simply follow each of the companies/brands on social networks. But, in summary, BEATGEEK will display

The defacto leading Portable Meet in the UK.

Brought to you by Turntable Training Wax, Magma and Jesse Dean Designs - it's a fully portable scratch cypher and battle. It allows all 'portablists' to hang out, talk all things portable plus jump on jams while they are happening. It also allows support and education to individuals that are interested in the portablist culture.

Last year, the Portablist Lounge Champion was DJ VaZee, who came all the way over from Poland to compete! Check him out below on a Cypher!

The Official UK DJ City Link Up.

Seriously? - if your in the industry, this is the event of the year - Operational DJs on the UK circuit meeting up, networking, engaging, holding seminars and talking all things 'DJ'.


Have a look at what goes on below.

Trade booths by brands and manufacturers.

There will be 7 booths in the pristine Link Tunnel, that will be operated by major brands. They will either be demonstrating products or selling on the day. So, a great opportunity for some 'on the day' discount prices!

These booth owners will be announced shortly!